“Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge”

Fantasy Jabber will be hosting and managing a fantasy football playoff challenge; a fantasy league that is built on the NFL playoffs schedule. The contest will be ten teams, first-come first-serve. Entry fee is $10 (USD). Winner takes all. You must draft 7 players and you accumulate fantasy points for as long as those players are still in the NFL playoffs.

If you are interested, please email Kenny Ortiz at fantasyjabber@gmail.com ASAP or find Kenny on Twitter @fantasyjabber.

League Basics:

  • Live Online Draft: Tuesday, January 3rd @ 8:45pm (Eastern)
  • Half-Point per Reception
  • Typical ESPN Performance Scoring
  • Total Points (No Head-to-Head Match-ups)
  • All Players Count Towards Scores (No lineups to manage)
  • 7-man rosters
  • No transactions

Line-up Configuration:

  • 1 QB
  • 5 Flex (RB/WR/TE)
  • 1 Team Defense

Offensive Scoring:

  • Every 25 yds Passing = 1pt (Calculated 0.04pts/yard)
  • 400+ yds= 2pt bonus
  • TD Pass= 6pts
  • 2-pt conv pass = 2pts
  • 2-pt conv scored (any type)= 2pts
  • Pass INT= (-1) pt
  • Fumble Lost= (-2) pt
  • Every 10 yds Rush= 1pt (Calculated 0.1pts/yard)
  • Every 10 yds Receiving= 1pt (Calculated 0.1pts/yard)
  • Each Rec (PPR) = 0.5pt
  • TD Rush/Receiving = 6pts
  • 200+yds Rush=2pt bonus
  • 200+yds Receiving= 2pt bonus

Defensive Scoring:

  • Sack=2pts
  • Blocked Kick= 2pts
  • All Defensive TD’s= 6pts
  • All Special Teams Return TD’s= 6pts
  • INT/Fumble Recovered= 3pts
  • Safety (any type)= 4pts
  • Shut-out= 10pts

Additional Rules:

  • All scoring and game results shall be considered final at 11:59pm (EASTERN TIME) on Tuesday evening after results are posted to online league manager.
  • Official Stat source is the online league manager site.
  • All kicks and blocked kicks are scored for defense/special teams (as long as any kick did actually take place on the play).
  • Fake FG/punt attempts are not special teams plays since no kick occurred. Scoring shall be awarded to the players as offensive.
  • Decimal/fractional scoring shall be used. Rushing yards and receiving yards are described as being 1 pt for every 10 yards while passing yards are described as being 1 pt for every 25 yards, however players shall receive fractional points. IE: Adrian Peterson rushes for 53 yards, then he shall receive 5.3 points for his yardage.
  • The “Robert Meachem” Rule: In the rare occasion when an offensive player recovers a fumble after an offensive turnover and subsequent defensive team turnover and then advances the ball or scores a touchdown, the offensive player shall be awarded credit for a touchdown or any associated yardage after advancing, as long as the fumble as long as the offensive team is on the field when the play starts. In all likelihood these instances will be all over Sportscenter and not difficult to identify. However, the commissioner is not responsible for scouring the box scores to identify these instances and the responsibility falls upon the owners to identify them and bring it to the attention of the Commish to adjust the scoring. Since team records and points scored influence waivers, owners have until 11:59pm (EASTERN TIME) on Tuesday evening to bring it to the attention of the Commissioner so the proper adjustments can be made. Otherwise, the scoring will be considered final.
  • Punt Returns, Kick Returns and other Special Team points (TDs, fumble recoveries etc) are credited solely to the Defense/Special Teams. Positional players who happen to return a punt, block a punt, recover a muffed punt or kickoff etc for a touchdown receive no points for that special teams TD.
  • Offensive Players are given bonus points for yardage compiled on single types of football actions, not combined yardage from scrimmage.
  • Anything related to scoring whatsoever not specifically mentioned herein shall be governed by the standards, norms, and/or protocols of the online league manager site