2019 Futures & Super Bowl 54 Props

NFL Futures Bets Which team will Antonio Brown play for in 2019? (Bookmaker.eu) IND Colts +1578 The Field +600 (now +348 2/13/2019) (Any team other than SF, OAK, MIA, IND, NYJ, ARZ, DAL, PIT) Who [...]

Lost: Reactions, Review, and Predictions (Part 1)

My friend Walter Cherepinsky, the owner, purveyor, and chief content creator for Walterfoorball.com, recommended I watch ABC’s hit show Lost. I had never seen it, so I determined that I would [...]

The “Should Have Been Interceptions” List 2017-18

Often times a QB throws a pass well, doing what he ought to do on that play, but the receiver makes a mistake that causes an interception, like tip the ball into the air or not come back to the [...]


16 Things Every Commissioner Must Implement

The 2016 NFL season will be my 21st season playing fantasy football. I typically participate in 8-10 leagues per year. Over the course of time, I’ve been in dozens of leagues. Most leagues [...]


Are “Contract-Year” Players More Motivated?

Every year in late July, the echo chamber of the fantasy football community begins to roar. And the roar is fast and furious. One of the echo chamber statements that seems to get parroted often [...]


Fantasy Football is All About Value

I have had a lot of success in fantasy football over the last two decades, and the main reason I have been so good is really quite simple… it’s the same reason why real estate developers make [...]


Should NFL Teams Hire Retread Head Coaches?

Jerry Glanville once stated that NFL stands for “Not For Long” because if you’re not good, you won’t be around very long. Well, as we approach the 2016 season we will have several NFL teams that [...]


Were The Eagles Right to Fire Chip Kelly?

Several months ago, I saw a Facebook post about how “dumb” the Philadelphia Eagles were for firing Chip Kelly after just three seasons. I was born and raised in Philly, and as such feel the need [...]